Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Radiation Day 18 or How Funky Socks to Battle Cancer

Ok. So funky socks are not really a treatment for cancer - not a medical one anyway.

Battling a disease takes a lot of energy. Even if you don't lose your hair or have a severe change in your weight, your self esteem can still take a beating.  For me, so long as I keep my shirt on, there is no outward sign that I'm fighting cancer.  Unless you count the tired haggard face that often stares back at me from the mirror. But truth be told that face was looking back at me long before the cancer diagnoses.

Sometimes you just need a little pick up to make you feel better. It can be a mani/pedi with really cool colors, a new lipstick, a new hairstyle OR a new pair of funky socks.

It's a small thing, perhaps a little silly. But these days I'll take anything that makes me smile and puts a spring in my step.  Besides they are so bright, just looking at them chases away the grogginess/fatigue.

Everyone should treat themselves to a pair of funky socks once in a while. (Want a pair just like these - check the $1 Easter supplies at Target.)

What puts a spring in your step when you are feeling low?

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  1. Love the socks. And I agree - sometimes it's a silly little something that is the best medicine. I can't think of what mine would be - I know that walking - especially in the woods, improves my frame of mind. But that is not as easy to come by or as "silly" as those colorful socks. What did the Kinders say about them?