Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Radiation Day 28 - Take Two

In previous posts I talked about how many times I have been stuck or poked with a needle during all this.  Today I realized there's another activity I can count when I can't sleep or need something to distract me.

How many times someone has drawn on my breast? This morning they did a dry run for the boost treatments that will start tomorrow.  They also wanted to make a template so they drew on my breast and then took pictures. (Oh, yeah, let's hope Penrose never gets hacked and I never run for political office - those are NOT pictures we want publicized.)  I realized that they have had to draw on my breast with a sharpie or paint pen quite a few times.

For the surgeries, they wrote in black sharpie YES on the left breast and NO on the right one.  Got to be sure the surgeon didn't get distracted and operate on the wrong one.  To set everything up for the radiation treatments they drew dots, then gave me small tattoos.  And they drew a big box around my left breast. I don't think I ever understood why they drew the box.  Then last week when they did the MRI to create the plan they drew some Xs with paint pens and covered them with clear tape so the marks wouldn't come off in the shower.

Today, they removed one X and then drew some more.  Covered them with tape and drew some other lines for their template.  I never thought my chest would end up as big drawing board.  But trust me, we're not talking a great work of art.

Oh, well - we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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  1. You made that post humorous! Hope it can give you a laugh just thinking about it. Laughter is good medicine!