Monday, March 28, 2011

Radiation Day 11

It's been a long day. Normally, after radiation, I run home and have another cup of coffee or two before heading to school.  This morning I headed to school early for a staff meeting.  A student at school was killed in a car wreck over spring break.  This was the first day back to school after break and staff were meeting to plan how to help each other and students work through this very tough time.

There were no classes in the library today and for that I was glad.  As a military wife, I've had crisis and care team training and (unfortunately, during the last deployment I had opportunities to put that training to use), but since I've started radiation, I noticed my emotions seem to be very on the edge. It doesn't take much to bring out the tears. And I was worried about being strong for the students.  With no classes in the library that was not a problem and I was able to fall back on another strength - finding resources for helping children deal with grief.  The collection at school did not have any books on this topic (we're a relatively new school and still developing the collection), but other schools in the district were quick to loan what they have. That's just one more reason I've love my school district.

Even though I didn't have much interaction with students today, I did talk briefly with one third grader who over the break, shaved her head and donated the hair to Locks of Love.  I'm hoping I can interview her and maybe if she's willing and her parents ok it, post her picture on this blog.

It's going to be a long week, but one that serves as a reminder that we should never take things for granted.

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  1. So sad for the family, the kids and the staff at your school. Life is so fragile and precious, it puts it in perspective when a young one is lost so quickly.